miércoles, 2 de julio de 2008

Los redentoristas transalpinos

Los redentoristas transalpinos, religiosos contemplativos, se encuentran en completa comunión dentro de la Iglesia. Sus sacerdotes están canónicamente regularizados. transcribo el texto en ingles que se encuentra en su blog:

1 July, 2008
Feast of the Precious Blood

My dear friends,

I am happy to inform you that last June 18th, before Cardinal Castrillon and the members of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei in Rome, I humbly petitioned the Holy See on my own behalf and on behalf of the monastery council for our priestly suspensions to be lifted.

On June 26th I received word that the Holy See had granted our petition. All canonical censures have been lifted.

Our community now truly rejoices in undisputed and peaceful posession of Communion with the Holy See because our priests are now in canonical good standing.

We are very grateful to our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI for issuing, last July, the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum which called us to come into undisputed and peaceful Communion with him.

Now we have that undisputed communion! It is a pearl of great price; a treasure hidden in the field; a sweetness that cannot be imagined by those who have not tasted it or who have not known it, now for many years. Its value cannot be fully expressed in earthly language and therefore we hope that all traditional priests who have not yet done so, will answer Pope Benedict's call to enjoy the grace of peaceful and undisputed communion with him. Believe us, the price to pay is nothing; even all the angry voices that have shouted against us and calumniated us are as nothing when weighed in the scales against undisputed communion with the Vicar of Christ; others have died for it; what are raucous voices?

We publicly thank all those souls who have prayed for us over the last months; some of you have truly stormed heaven for us. You have kept us afloat. We are deeply grateful. Especially we thank that priest who was unknown to us, until June 16th when he wrote in fraternal support. Where did he come from? Why us? But he told us of the number of Masses, Offices, prayers and sacrifices he had personally said for us; he had also enlisted the prayers of contemplatives and Third Order societies and had a great number of people fervently praying for us with an abundance of prayers. We were amazed! Thank you Father! Thank you also to that brave person who, so kindly wrote to us to say that if he said any more prayers for us he would be floating! What wonderful people! Thank you!

Looking to the future, the next stage will be to have our community canonically erected. So please, dear friends, keep praying for us, there will be many crosses to bear; but they will be yokes sweetened by the grace of these last days.

We assure you all of our very best wishes.
Your devoted servant,

Fr. Michael Mary, C.SS.R.


No queremos en esta bitácora sentar ningún tipo de cátedra, no nos pertenece esa misión, solo queremos compartir aquello que nos llame la atención de la gran tradición de la Iglesia latina. ojala les guste a todos aquellos que se acerquen a esta página.

viernes, 13 de junio de 2008

Corpus Domini

Sonó la hora de volver al Misterio; se trata de que cada cual retorne a la fuente de la salvación, porque sólo en el Misterio de Dios puede curarse de nuevo el hombre. Es ahí donde actúa el Pneuma vital de Dios; es ahí donde corre la sangre de Cristo que cura y santifica al mundo, lo redime y lo transfigura. Viendo, contemplando y meditando, el hombre se pone en contacto con las entrañas de la creación y con la raíz divina de las cosas.
Dom. Odo Casel O.S.B.